iMoan Ministries

We are a ministry in business for Jesus Christ spreading the word for all those who desire hearing the gospel preached with Narrative overtones.  Narrative Preaching dates back to the beginning of scripture, it speaks to us the way Jesus Christ spoke to us in parables, He was always telling stories.

Narrative preaching consists of making the gospel come alive, touching the hearts of men, women, and children with relevant topics applied to scripture for easy understanding of the gospel so that they may go out as disciples in this world to help broaden the kingdom.

Imoan believes that no one should be left out, but the mission field first is the church and only in the church, if the gospel is preached, will man have the desire to reach out to others.  Imoan Ministry does not believe in “safe gospel," because safe gospel is not compelling, it does not attend to the needs of a hurting society.

Imoan ministries presents thought provoking sermons with a rich silhouette voice, and narrative preaching that puts you right there in the middle of the story and helps you come to your own conclusion that Jesus Christ is The Lord, Salvation is sure, Grace is constant, and without Love none of this is possible.